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Re-opening of Extinction!

     Hello, This is Thomas. Some of you may know me personally from previous incarnations of Extinction, and how much fun it was then.

     Others knew me from various places like Ikon or the GypsyCoffee house, and still others might know me from places like the old Eclipse and it's open mic nights, (all that time and so many open Mic's and yet we never saw Mike being opened once ;) )

     Still others may know me via the internet, like on Facebook, various forums, such as Brassgoggles forums, or the ToysoldiersUNITE forums.

     While others of you may have done business with me through www.Borgsteamfactory.com.

     What I am here to do now is to re-open, and re-envision Extinction yet once more... this time making it even more than it was before.

     As those who have been along for the ride so far know, originally it was just a place to hang out and had an incredible atmosphere. Then it mutated into an event to raise awareness on a local theater known as the Nightengale.  After this it moved into a large, unused, car dealership, down on Elgin, and became an event center to showcase artist's work, by having dances and such and allowing artists to hang their art high up off the floors around a club like environment, and carefully lighting it for all to see.

     This time though we seek to build a community center of sorts, part club, part hackerspace, or maker space, part workshop, part market, part research center, and even part meeting place, but all 100% about the people who come to it, in order to raise the quality of everyone's life.

    But what exactly does this mean?

     Put simply this will be a place that people can gather together and obtain use of the resources they need to bring their ideas from concept, to reality, to even product if that is you goal.
you can use the research facility side to develope and test ideas, the workshop to develope a manufacturing process, and test it, and do even small runs of stuff to get funds to build a business model around it, and even build the tools you will need to launch your business outside of the facility. 
     When it comes to change and progress, one resource we have an abundance of is barely tapped, and that is the human energy. Human creativity, and work, combine together, and unfortunately only very small percentage of the human race is enabled to work toward progress, development, and change. This hopes to change that forever with model that can be replicated, copied, reproduced, in every town, every country, every corner of the world, that wants it.

     Essentially what your funds will be used to create is this:
a central location that provides the following.

1. Work space: This is a work shop like space where projects can be set up and worked on by any member. tables and other needed equipment like lighting will be available here to make assembly and adjustments easy to effect on any project you are working on.

2. Machine shop: this is either a room or if we have funds, then more than one room that traditional machining tools such as lathes and vertical mills would be found. we currently have one bench top lathe with DRO and one bench top CNC mill, as well as a whole host of basic bench tools like bench grinders, and saws.

3. Advanced machine shop: the 3D printing equipment will be located here for makers and creators to go to get their printed objects out of.

4. Meeting area: a common area where people can sit and talk about ideas and make plans before diving into the shop spaces.

5. Electronics lab: a room devoted to assembly and soldering stations ranging from standard soldering pencils and desoldering pumps, to several versions of heat based SMD soldering and repair stations, and even an IR station that used light to solder with. Also bins stocked with the essentials like resistors, capacitors and the like will be in this room along with at least one computer loaded with the software to engineer your own custom components like air core variable capacitors, or calculate out how much corona dope you need for that diode array for your tesla coil's DC circuit!

6. Computer lab: a number of computers all networked both together and to the computers for running the 3D printing equipment and CNC machinery will be available to any member to work on various projects, as well as loaded with web based software so you can work on web pages, post ebay auctions, or just communicate with other similar sites around to globe.

7. Storage: a set of lockers and a room or two for storing resources donated, or setting projects and supplies aside until you can return to finish anything not completed in one day.

8. Event room(s): a place to get together for weekly mixers to hang out and discuss projects, work on sharing skills with each other, and generally get to know other members and their friends. This is something that will typically happen 2 evenings a week, and will use a space that will double with the next thing on the list...

9. Market place: this is the above rooms that will be used during the day on weekends to allow people to sort of have a fleamarket of sorts where the public can come to buy, see or just learn about what is going on at our center, and what you have been using it to build or create.

10. Metallugical lab: for identifying and working with more exotic metals. a smelter will be available as well as additional welding equipment and a kiln, perfect place to take 3D printed or machined wax objects to get them cast into a metal object.

11. High voltage and frequency radio lab: for actually setting up and testing those projects so as to keep the rest of the world safe from your dooms day devices.

12. Agricultural center: This will be a combination of a chemical workshop aimed at agricultural needs, and a large green house in sections with some automation skeltal structures for implementing experimental systems to test and prove designs that will lower labor on such practices, and improve the science of agriculture in general. This will also be there to help support the living seed bank.

13. Seed bank: This is a green house that is set up to prevent pollen contamination from GMO and non heritage plants, until such time as the GMO assault on plants is over. Additionally it will support a few colonies of bees and other insects that are dependent on pollen and are being driven to extinction by GMOs and the pesticides being used in the current agricultural community (like products made by Monsanto)

14. Community living space development center: these will hopefully be added as things really get going, and we can start using these to develope the future of living and how communities will become. the workshop and other areas of the facility will be able to then launch successful designs into the public community, changing how things work in general, this will be particularly useful for RBE (Resource Based Economy) developers!


Private individuals.
Small businesses.
RBE community developers.
DIY creators.

Currently This project is supported by
One goal, that will provide a road to many goals!
Each donation given will work to help every project that happens inside the confines of this project
so you are not donating to one project but to many all at once!